Poor & low income people need accessible, affordable & reliable mobility solutions in order to enable them get access to better opportunities, achieve equality, better quality of life, avoid community displacements and alleviate poverty & support wealth creation.

Nissan Motor Corporation will provide a platform to generate a co-creative bank of mobility insights & solutions through Asian regional design school students as thought generators.

Nissan sponsored Mobility Vision International Student's Design Competition, which will address the unmet needs of personal mobility, transportation of goods and services for people whose annual income is below $5,000 in emerging economies.

The competition is open through invitation to Design Education Institutions. Student will participate through their respective schools as part of their curriculum under the guidance of Design faculty.

Design students from invited Design Education Institutions have to register through their designated Design faculty. Registration is mandatory for participation.

Jury & Evaluation
The competition is going to be judged by a panel of International Design, Automotive experts through multiple levels of evaluation.