1. What is this competition about?
The competition is an initiative by Nissan Motor Corporation to create a co-creative platform for students of Design to be able to participate in a challenge to create a mobility concept for personal and goods transportation. This solution is aimed towards helping the economically weaker sections of our society.

2. What is meant by Mobility Vision?
Mobility Vision is the name given to this student challenge initiative. The word mobility, here, corresponds to mechanized ability to move people or goods. The challenge probes the talent of students of design to envision such a mobility platform or product.

3. Is this a Design or an Engineering competition?
This competition is restricted to Students of Automotive, Transportation & Product Design. The students are expected to use their design research, analysis and ideation skills to come up with practical yet out of box solutions. However, the students must be able to show reasonable understanding & application of automotive mechanics while presenting their solution.

4. Do I need to be a qualified or student of Automobile Engineering to be part of this competition?
No, it is not mandatory. However, as a student, you need to be studying Design at the invited Design Education Institution.

5. I am not a student from the listed Design school. Can I participate?
Only students from listed & invited Design Education Institutes can participate and receive detailed briefing direction and documents. These students are also eligible for Honorary Certificate Award. If your Design Institute is not from the invited category, you may participate in the open category. You will not receive any classroom briefing. However, a compact brief is visible to you once your login is accepted You are not eligible for Honorary Award Certification category. For the Main award category, open entry eligibility is valid.

6. I am a student from a listed school; can I take this project as a diploma or degree or thesis project?
Yes, however for further details kindly consult with your design faculty who is been appointed by the Design mentor of your region. As a participant, you cannot publish the work done for this competition prior to announcement of the result. To know more about the participation click Participants.

7. Is this competition open for international submissions?
The competition is open for students of Design Educational Institutions (from India, Indonesia, Philippines) by invitation. For students from Thailand, IIT's in India, IISc, etc., the competition can be entered through the open category.

8. How can I register?
Registration happens through a login page of our competition website, www.mobility.vision . However, each participating student has to register through her/his Design Faculty.

9. Is there a participation fee to be paid?
There is no participation fee to take part in this competition.

10. Can we participate in a group?
Each student will be individually registered. Each registered participant has to submit individual entry. Hence, group entries are not valid.

11. Is it possible that we carry out the design research in a group?
Yes, you may do so, under the guidance of your Design faculty, however, submissions & solutions have to be unique & differentiated by each participant. It is suggested to carry out local research on mobility issues in small groups of 2 to 5 students. Discussions between groups are encouraged. Submissions have to be individual and distinct.

12. Can I submit multiple design solutions?
Participant Challenger is expected to submit one complete solution. The solution itself may have multiple variations. At ideation level, students are encouraged to come up with multiple ideas and solutions. However, submitting an additional concept is allowed through your individual submission dashboard.

13. If I want to submit multiple designs, shall I register multiple times?
No, you don't need to register twice, under one registration you can submit maximum 2 and minimum 1 solution.

14. How do I improve my odds of winning?
By conducting insightful research on local issues, strength of the solution, its presentation and its description. A good presentation is very important; execute your intelligent ideas with the diligence required.

15. How do I upload my submissions?
Upon registration, each participant challenger is allotted a page. This page will be used to upload entry submissions. Student can upload submission any time once registration is complete till the end of January 2015 when the submission date ends.

16. Who can see my page?
No one but you will have access to your page through a password. You may however share at will your work with your school Design Faculty for advice. Once submission date ends, your page will be visible to the Jury members.

17. Will it be possible for me to change my submission?
You cannot change your submission once the submission date is over. Till the submission date you can upload and change any number of times.

18. Can I send you my entry so that you can check it in advance?
When you submit your entry using the online interface, we will check it for compliance & submission quality, so there is no need to send the entry to us again with other means. For feedback refer to your design faculty. You can contact your faculty through chat interface available on your page and website. Open entry students / participants will not have access to this facility.

19. Can I send my final project at my Design College to the competition?
Sure, final projects are accepted. Kindly submit it as per the competition stages/deadlines and competition format. Registration is mandatory.

20. How can I see other submissions?
You cannot see others submissions, only winning submissions will be available for viewing at our website after the results are announced to public. However, as a class of students, you are encouraged to share your thoughts & solutions to each other. On the website, it is not possible to see other submissions other than your own.

21. Can I publish the awarded entry on my webpage?
Yes, you may display your awarded entry on your web page or portfolio, but only after the competition is declared to be closed and results are announced by the organizers. You must mention the competition along with your entry.

22. Can I apply with an entry that has already been entered, published or won another competition?
Only design work that is not prior published or entered in another competition can to be submitted. Prior published entries or copies will be eliminated from this competition.

23. Is there a cut off date for Research?
Yes, cut off date for uploading research document is 15th December 2014 for your entry. However, once you have uploaded the research document, you are allowed to edit or add research work till final submission.

24. How many pages can I upload?
Each submission will have up to 5 pages + 1 summary page. There are two submissions, Research & Solution; hence one can upload for Research 5 +1 A3 pages, and for Solution 5 +1 A3 pages. You can submit minimum 1 and maximum 2 solutions in similar format.
Submission details:
A3, Landscape, 4961 x 3508 pixels, 200 dpi each page
.jpg or .jpeg format
Upload each page in a sequence after login on to your page on the web site.

25. Is there a format for uploading my entry?
There is broad format. However, the format will not restrict your creative freedom. Please refer to the brief document.

26. Will I receive an acknowledgement that my entry has been received?
Your individual entry page will show that your submission is successful. Your submission will also reflect on your Design Faculty Dashboard page on the website. This way your faculty will also know that your entry has been submitted. This option is not there for Open Category entry students.

27. When will the results be announced?
The results will be announced around the month of April 2015. However, exact dates will be communicated to the participants through the website.

28. If I win, how will I know?
The results will be communicated to you, your Design Faculty & Design Mentor through email. Results in brief will also be posted on the web site.

29. Can I change my concept for Round 2?
The Regional winner can modify his / her concept and provide better detail. In essence, the concept chosen for the Regional Winner will remain the same.

30. How detailed should be the scale model?
It is up to your creative representation. The scale model must be able to communicate your thought & potential of workability clearly. The model must be built robust enough to sustain your travel for the presentation.

31. When will I receive the prize money if I am the regional winner?
Once the results are announced, you will receive an email asking for your Bank account & transfer details. Once these are received, Nissan will process your prize money and send it to you directly as per their norms.

32. When will I be reimbursed for the scale model?
You will be required to build and present the scale model at your Stage 3 jury presentation at Regional Nissan facility. Post your submission of model to Nissan, within reasonable time, reimbursement of US$ 1500.00 or equivalent in local currency will be made to your identified Bank Account.

33. What materials do I chose to make the scale model?
The choice of materials and process is left to your creative freedom. It is important that the structure & finish communicate the intention of your solution clearly. Integrity of materials, deformation and travel are other factors that you may keep in mind.

34. Who will transport / freight / carry the scale model to Nissan office for the presentation?
You will be responsible for carrying of your scale model for presentation to Nissan office.

35. Which fuel to use? Whether battery fuel or Hybrid fuel for the concept?
There are no limitations. Solution should be relevant to local region and meet the price criteria

36. How detail should be the costing done for the vehicle?
The solution should explain the material used, overall construction of the vehicle etc. and how it would meet the price criteria

37. Does safety mean providing seat belts for all?
Safety criteria should comply norms of the respective region. Vehicle should be able to run on highways and not only on local/rural roads.

38. How detailed should be the technical design?
The solution should explain the features of the vehicles by providing details of the size / dimensions, proposed materials, mechanisms. Engineering of the proposed features or other parts of the vehicle is not expected

39. Whether the criteria of vehicle cost 5000 USD is the manufacturing cost or selling price?
5000 USD would be the selling price

40. Can there be a solution of a trailer attachment to the vehicle?
Trailer based solutions are also acceptable as long as they are within the 5000 USD

41. Whether 10 people carrying capacity means including the driver?
Yes. Number of people carrying capacity should not be less than 8 people.

42. What emission norms should the vehicle follow/subscribe?
Emission norms should be as per the rules of the respective region.

43. Is there a template for the presentation?
There is no standard template, but there are limitations to use number of pages for research and concept submission. Please refer brief document.

44. Can we change the submitted file before the deadline?
Yes, you can.

45. Who will comment on the work before it is submitted?
For Registered Institute students, they should consult their design mentor/faculty in their Institute.